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This page serves as a guide for all undergraduate students applying to DU and connects you to additional resources that support your application process.

欲了解更多正规赌博十大平台排行正规赌博十大平台排行本科录取的信息,请 contact us or 正规赌博十大平台排行的招生顾问. Our staff members want to see you succeed and are eager to answer your questions and help you achieve your goals.


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Applying to DU in Four Steps

Whether transferring from a local community college or beginning your undergraduate studies, there are fundamental steps to applying to the University of Denver that each undergraduate student must complete that support an efficient application process and set you up for success.

1. Do Your Research

递交申请前, 研究杜所提供的一切是很重要的, including degree programs, student life opportunities, resources, housing options, and more. Not only does this help confirm that you will enjoy the next four years of your undergraduate experience, but it also ensures that DU can support you in reaching your long-term personal and professional goals. 

我们鼓励所有未来的本科生 explore our bachelor’s programs, 亲自参观正规赌博十大平台排行校园或进行虚拟参观,参加一个信息会议,或者 与招生顾问见面. 你越参与我们的机构和社区, 你就越能确定DU是适合你的地方.

2. Review Admission Standards

After deciding that DU suits your academic needs and selecting your degree program of choice, 请务必查看我们的录取标准. This essential step ensures your previous experience aligns with our standards. 

Depending on whether you are a first-year applicant or a transfer applicant, 你有不同的标准要遵循:

Additionally, admission eligibility varies by student enrollment type and degree program.

3. 准备申请和补充文件

杜克大学是美国数百所学院和大学之一.S. 以及国际上使用通用申请的公司. Common App simplifies the application process, saving you time and effort.

Along with the Common App, we require certain supplemental materials, including:

  • 正式高中成绩单和/或正式大学成绩单
  • 申请论文(包含在通用应用程序中)
  • 额外的推荐信(可选)
  • 官方ACT或SAT成绩(可选)

请在我们的网站上阅读更多正规赌博十大平台排行这些补充材料的信息 Application Checklist page.

Additionally, depending on your degree program, you may need to provide other supplemental materials. As you prepare your application, we encourage you to check with your academic department to ensure you have all the necessary documents. 

4. 选择截止日期并提交申请


  • Nov. 1 .及早决定和及早行动
  • Jan. 提前决定II和常规决定15分


  • Early Action and Regular Decision are non-binding applications.
  • Early Decision is a binding agreement between you and the University that you will attend DU if you're accepted.
  • Students admitted during Early Decision rounds of admission receive an additional $5,000 merit aid award, and top academic performers will have their full demonstrated financial need met. 提前决定申请人在录取时享有更强的考虑, 并从更早的录取和经济援助通知中受益.
    • Athletes receiving athletic aid as well as music majors are welcome to apply Early Decision but are not eligible for the financial incentives. International students are eligible for the additional merit aid but not for need-based aid.
    • 你只能申请一所学校的提前决定, 如果你通过提前录取被杜克大学录取, 你必须从其他院校撤回申请. You should only apply Early Decision if you're committed to joining our community and enrolling at DU.

No matter which deadline suits you best, you will apply via the Common App. After reviewing your application for any errors and double-checking that you have correctly submitted all required documents, you can submit your Common App and pay the $65 nonrefundable application fee.

First-Year Applicants


从正规赌博十大平台排行开始你的大学之旅. First-year applicants 发现我们的录取过程很简单, allowing them to spend more time planning for their degree and their future. 

通过回顾DU开始计划你的申请过程 一年级正规赌博十大平台排行标准 and the 第一年申请清单

First-Year Applicant Common App

Transfer Applicants


Finish strong at DU. We are committed to helping hundreds of transfer students earn their bachelor’s degrees and continue to make major impacts in their communities. 

在开始申请程序之前,请参阅 转学申请人的正规赌博十大平台排行标准 and the 完整的转学申请清单. Once you complete all steps, submit your application and await your admission decision. 

Transfer Applicants Common App

International Applicants


DU warmly welcomes international applicants 加入我们不断壮大的学生群体. While the international admission process involves more eligibility requirements and supplemental documentation, 我们努力工作,以实现在美国学习的过渡.S. easy. 

要开始您的准备工作,请参阅 国际一年级申请者清单 or the 国际转移申请人清单.

Undocumented Applicants


The University of Denver strives to make higher education accessible and inclusive. If you are an undocumented or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) student and want to earn your degree at DU, your application process resembles the international student admission process.

了解更多正规赌博十大平台排行无证申请人清单的信息, financial aid options, and available student resources.

Non-Degree Applicants


Looking to explore new academic or professional development opportunities? DU encourages individuals to take courses even if they’re not enrolled as a student. 


Degree Completion Program


有兴趣完成你的学士学位? 帮助你完成学业, 正规赌博十大平台排行通过我们的大学学院提供学位完成课程.

Through the program, you can transfer up to 96 quarter credits (64 semester hour credits) toward your BA at DU, and we add a service learning component that allows you to develop and fully take advantage of the skills gained from your coursework. Many of our bachelor completion programs are available entirely at night or online for maximum flexibility.