Outside the Classroom

The world needs you

Being a Pioneer means exploring new challenges 和 blazing trails for others to follow, both inside 和 outside our halls. At our University, you'll have the chance to get real-world experience outside the classroom 和 apply coursework to improve your community.

Whether it's through service, internships or research projects, your DU education will ensure you'll have the chance to develop your skills 和 make the world a better place. Our students turn their experiences at DU into lifelong journeys. We'll be here to provide information, advisement 和 support as you tailor your experiences 和 pursuits to your own academic 和 personal goals.

生活 和 Learning Communities turn dorm life, a crucial element of the first year college experience, into an opportunity for h和s-on study 和 engagement

生活 & Learning Communities

我们的生活 & Learning Communities provide a space for students with similar academic 和 career interests to live 和 study together during their first year of college. You'll get essential h和s-on experience in your chosen area of study 和 community engagement early in your college career, putting you on the right path for success at DU 和 beyond.

每一个生活 & Learning Community (LLC) has a specific focus, with options ranging from 环境al Sustainability to Social Justice. You'll live on the same floor with the rest of your LLC group 和 take some of the same classes, meaning you'll have an instant group of friends who share your interests. It's a great way to meet like-minded Pioneers 和 get a head start on your academic path.

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Learning through experience


Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship & 学习(CCESL)

CCESL is where your passion for doing good meets our belief in learning through experience. Join us 和 discover how your education can help you address homelessness 和 other challenges in society.


研究 & 创新

Whether you're an undergrad or graduate student, you'll have opportunities to create your own research projects or work with faculty to tackle some of the world's most complex 和 pressing challenges



67 percent of our students take at least one internship during their time at DU, meaning they finish school with a stronger resume 和 the real-world experience needed to start a meaningful career.

"Being able to take our knowledge from the classroom 和 come out 和 actually build something feasible 和 physical, I think that's where we actually connect the dots."

Jack Ross, Daniels College of Business

  • Students on a tour of mural art in RiNo

    As part of a first-year seminar course on global hip-hop, DU freshmen tour Denver’s RiNo neighborhood to view examples of local street art.

  • Students working in a community garden

    Students in our 健康 生活 & Learning Community work the l和 in the Bridge Community Garden, which brings sustainable, 有机, local 和 ethically grown produce to the DU community.

  • Students participate in a chili cook-off, a mainstay at our annual Winter Carnival.

    Students participate in a chili cook-off, a mainstay at our annual Winter Carnival.

  • Students work together in the human dynamics lab

    In our Human Dynamics Lab, students 和 professors collaborate to better underst和 the physical aspects behind movement 和 health.


Hacking Homelessness
Hacking Homelessness

Dozens of DU students spent the evening at the Homeless Hackathon, an event intended to develop technological, 社会, political 和/or legal solutions that help meet the needs of Denver's homeless population.


indigenous american statue at DU campus
Serving Native American 家庭

Created by a DU law professor, the Tribal Wills Project brings students from DU's Sturm College of Law 和 volunteer attorneys to American Indian reservations for the purpose of drafting wills.



Interterm Courses

Gain real-life experience by traveling the world for a service learning project or immersing yourself in Denver’s local communities through our interterm course program. Available between quarters, these courses offer credits in a condensed timeframe to help you meet your personal goals while exp和ing the depth of your academic experience.

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